Ayahuasca and Kundalini

Ayahuasca and Kundalini are two allies. Ayahausca can not do without the Kundalini, but the Kundalini without Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca activates the Kundalini, the life energy and very often the intake of Ayahuasca even leads to the so-called awakening of the Kundalini. In all my ayahuasca reports I mention the role of the Kundalini, after all, it now plays the main role during the ceremonies. It protects the ceremony space from negative energies, it protects me from negative energies, which is also necessary because I regularly accompany others in their processes. During these accompaniments and energetic cleansings, there is always a release of dark, negative energies. And if you don’t want them to hang around you afterwards and grab your prana, then you have to protect yourself energetically. That’s what the Kundalini does for me. It only becomes problematic when such a process starts earlier than the Kundalini does for me. That’s why I often drink first, so that I can be „at the start“ as soon as possible. Of course, Kundalini heals me as well, both physically and mentally.

In this post, without comment, I have some quotes from the net, which are always about ayahuasca and Kundalini. Many experiences coincide with mine.

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During Ayahuasca the Kundalini Energie can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. To me she was always friendly.


(…) What was interesting, however, was that she kept half coming onto my mattress. At first this annoyed me until I realised why. My magnetic pull was attracting her. I then panicked that if she touched me, she might transfer her demon into me. Mama Aya however, reassured me that all the energy I was channelling would protect me and that I should use it to help her if she touched me again. Her foot had connected with mine several times, but on the last time, she left it there for several seconds. I sent as much good energy into her as I could. The next day when we spoke, she told me she was trying to expel a demon and when it left she saw it go towards me. Since I was protected, I didn’t feel it. (…)

(…) As amazing as channelling energy and feeling more alive than ever was, it didn’t stay that way. There was a tipping point and I reached it. So much energy was coming into me and then out through my hands they became boiling hot.(…)

(…) Once calm, I was no longer pulling energy into my body and instead could just radiate out what I still had in me. I focused it on the people I could hear who were purging and/or having healing rituals performed on them. Towards the end of the night, someone came around and played wind chimes around my head. I couldn’t see who it was but I put my hands up to radiate healing and love energy to them. I later found out who it was, and he told me that he felt it. Several other people also told me they could feel my energy that night and that it helped them with what they were going through.(…)


Why do we practice and include Daoist and Tantric methodologies on our Ayahuasca and Internal Energy retreats? Simply put, Ayahuasca is Kundalini medicine. (…)

(…) When the medicine meets these blockages within the system, we often have difficulty, experiencing mental, physical, energetic, or emotional disturbance. If, however, we are seeking to clear, to smooth, to create flow in these channels OUTSIDE of the medicine, then we can experience a free flow of energy INSIDE the medicine, leading to a sense of ease, of comfort, of bliss, and, because the energy system is open, ultimately, of full Kundalini awaking, and Liberation itself. (…)


In the same way that yoga opens the chakra through a variety of practices, so does working with Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca has a way of finding blockages in the energetic body and forcing us to deal with them. These blockages are often revealed through visions or insights into the nature of ones patterns or prior behavior. Each time a prior trauma is resolved in an Ayahuasca ceremony, the chakra become more and more open. Through this process, which can also take years, gradually the chakra open completely such that the kundalini energy at the base of the spine rises all the way up to the third eye, which is the pineal gland.(…)

(…) Most people in our society live in a form of survival mode, which keeps them stuck in their lower three chakra. Ayahuasca often will release energy from the lower chakra through powerful purges of the digestive system. While these purges are usually viewed as physical cleanings, they are also energetic purges that help to release stuck energy in the lower energy centers. Eventually the opening of the lower energy centers allows the energy of the medicine and the internal kundalini energy to reach the higher centers around the heart, throat, third eye (pineal gland) and crown.(…)

(…) When the blockages are cleared and energy rises up to the pineal gland (third eye) whether from yogic practices or work with Ayahuasca, connection with the divine is experienced. People experiencing this type of awakening may gain insight into the non-material realm of existence, past lives, a deep understanding of God, and the ability to resolve nearly any type of illness. In this way, yoga and Ayahuasca are merely two different roads leading to the same place.

Given psychedelics’ inherent link to spirituality and the way they alter perception, it’s hard not to wonder if perhaps they could also help in the awakening of kundalini. Kundalini awakening is a form of energetic awakening that triggers an intense transformation on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. (…) While it may sound very similar, spiritual awakening, and kundalini awakening are not the same. The spiritual awakening is often more emotional and psychological while kundalini is completely energetic.(…) There are many ways to stimulate kundalini energy. The most common method involves tantric or yoga practice. Other practices such as meditation, plant medicine like psilocybin or ayahuasca, or breathwork and visualization can also help to awaken kundalini energy.(…) When awakened, kundalini comes with great power that clears and re-patterns many systems mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This means that this energy seeks and destroys everything that does not serve one’s highest purpose and potential. It allows people to be more balanced and to live without attachment.

(…) Kundalini can ultimately make you or break you. It involves a total transformation for the entire person. (…) Another psychedelic that is often related to the awakening of kundalini is ayahuasca. However, just as with psilocybin, taking it for kundalini awakening without preparing the body and mind can lead to unfortunate and terrifying experiences.


Shit gets real. The AYAHUASCA ceremony that changed it all & spurred a spontaneous KUNDALINI AWAKENING.

Unlocking The Keys to Magic: A Conversation with Franz Bardon Practitioners

(…) Several times during ceremonies I had what could be described as kundalini experiences, including once when my shaman opened my chakras by singing icaros into them.(…)


Proposes that the visions of snakes, tigers, and predatory birds induced by the hallucinogenic plant ayahuasca and the drink made from it are components of the mystical dragon, and proposes that the dragon is a suitable symbol for the mental atmosphere induced by the drink. The present author claims that it is no coincidence that dragon and snake have been traditional symbols for the phenomenon that Hindu Tantrism calls kundalini, characterized by the flow of prana or bioenergy, visions, numinosity, inner guidance, and healing. Ayahuasca heals, the author proposes, through kundalini arousal.

My so far most pleasurable Kundalini experience was one year ago when I sat in my Ayahuasca ceremony with the intention to release anything that keeps me from being in my purpose. I had a six-hour journey with all of my channels open and after two deaths experienced a full-body orgasm beyond the veil. The week after, I experineced spontaneous orgasms for seven days throught the day and night time. I was completely painfree in my body and felt the most sensual ever in my whole life. I felt how the Universe was making love through me and I knew that this is our original state of being – our birthright. We are orgasmic when everything is shed.

This immense pleasure is triggered when the Kundalini energy merges with the sexual energy in our sacrum. Since I did a lot of womb work and sexual healing, it was just natural for it to occur through the invocation of Grandmother Ayahuasca.

A typical Kundalini awakening how it also typical for Ayahuasca is described here:

Kundalini & Spiritual Emergency: What Doctors, Psychologists, and YOU Need to Know

(…) When we got back upstairs, parts of Dennis’s body, mostly his extremities, became rigid, as if all the muscles were tensing up at once, and the smaller muscle groups were firing individually, almost as if he were having a seizure, each little muscle contracting and relaxing rhythmically so that I could feel ripples when I put my hands on his arms. He was scared and physically uncomfortable, and he was pleading for us to help him. He kept saying that some sort of energy was running through his body. “My body is responding to you girls!”(…)

(…) The moment the energy fills my body, I get the urge to stretch out. I first stretch out one leg, then the other. Afterwards, I stretch my tailbone. Then I straighten up again and take a sitting position that corresponds to an erect snake, with a slightly singed head and a linearly straight backbone.

In this position I feel the force particularly strongly and it seems as if I fill the whole room with it. I feel like a snake and make clicking noises (like some lizards do). At the same time, the dragon creature looks at me and telepathically conveys that it is me. He, the dragon, is my elemental force, my Kundalini. At the same time, a lively vomiting breaks out in the whole room and this simultaneity makes me ask if this dragon being has something to do with it?

I linger for a long time in an upright sitting position, my palms resting on my thighs, palms up, so that the energy flowing out of them forms an energy cocoon around me. I enjoy the energy and can hardly believe that this great, strong force is my own, my life energy. I immediately realize that if I actually possess this power, I can do anything. I can become anything, do anything, learn anything – and I can manifest. I am immediately aware that such a strong energy has the power to direct and change reality.

All people have this energy. If we learn to allow it and let it flow, we can change the world with it. (…)


(…) Again I had laid down on my back, expecting to experience more dream journeys, but instead my kundalini rose very strongly. I had involuntarily placed both my hands on the navel chakra so that the fingers touched the root chakra, that is, the kundalini chakra, and I felt sharp, piercing beams of energy emanating from the fingertips. After a short time the energy was so strong, as I know it only from the ceremonies with the very strong Colombian Yagé. Until now, I always woke myself up from the trance because the energy was just too strong. But this time I wanted to go beyond my limits.

(…) The body was soon one vibrating ball of energy. At the same time, I became so hot that it started to burn. Especially my heart chakra was burning. Nevertheless, I felt strong and healthy and again and again I tried to relax so as not to fly out of the meditation. (…)

Finally, I couldn’t take the energy anymore and was about to stand up when a feminine voice calmly said, „Don’t! Breathe deeply and try to relax, nothing can happen to you“. I listened to this voice and relaxed, although by now the muscles, tense due to the high electricity in my body, began to ache slightly. I calmed down and the energy continued to rise. (…)

Again I was at the point where I wanted to redeem myself and again the voice told me to keep enduring, it was good for me. I continued to endure. The vibrations were very strong, like a small earthquake (…) I asked the voice if it could not continue the whole thing outside my body, I could not stand this strong energy anymore. The answer came promptly.

„It needs your body to do it. Without the body, the energy cannot manifest here.“ (…)

I continued to hold out. By now the muscle pain was much more bearable, probably it was just tension that had now been released, but the energetic feeling itself was like fingers in a socket without being able to pull them out. Then I couldn’t take it anymore. I reared back, released a cry of release, and took a long, deep breath.


Ayahuasca and Internal Energy

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