LUCAS – an introduction

Hello Lucas, nice to meet you! How are you?

Oh, i’m great! I think i did a good job yesterday, bringing divine energy to my customer and letting him meditate deep and blissful.

Sounds fantastic! How did you do that?

Well, first you have to understand what i am.

I’m a mixture of three plants and these plants have different purposes. Each of my plants does a special job. They are quite good alone but they are very powerful together! Want to know more?

Of course – now the things start to get interesting!

Ok, dude, lets talk about my ingredients. The first one is Syrian-Rue, a plant which is used since ancient times to connect people with the light, with sacred wisdom and the devine in us., Klartraum, Klarträumen, Astralreisen, Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Polit-Blog, Corona-News, Kritisches

But, if using it alone, you need a plenty of it to reach that state and it can make you feel sick in a bigger amount. And thats where my second ingredient comes on stage – Sativa Marihuana., Klartraum, Klarträumen, Astralreisen, Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Polit-Blog, Corona-News, Kritisches

Sativa Marihuna is also connecting you with the devine energy but when taking too much of it, it makes you tired and confused and all the experiences with your inner worlds might be forgotten the next day. So the trick is, to take just a little bit of it. Just a pea size, not more! If this pea size of sativa Mary Jane meets a handy amount of Syrian-Rue they will multiply their effects. Syrian-Rue multiplies the effects of Marihuana and Marihuana is multiplying the effects of Syrian-Rue. They work as a team.

While Syrian-Rue is activating your devine energy, your Kundalini, Lady Mary is opening your chakras so that this energy can flow more easily.

The third plant is for keeping clearity and wakefulness to let you experience your inner worlds more consciously and more visionary. This holy plant is Tagetes Lucida, a very nice smelling plant from Mexico which is also growing everywhere in the world., Klartraum, Klarträumen, Astralreisen, Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Polit-Blog, Corona-News, Kritisches

Thats the trick, this three plants?

Thats the trick.

How should i do it, how to take them?

Well. First you have to make an essence from Syrian-Rue seeds. Its very simple. Cook 30g of SR seeds with 1 cup of water and ½ a cup of lemon juice for 30 minutes on small heat. Then let it cool down. When its cool enough fill it into a 500 ml glas bottle (please, no plastic!) and add the same amount of water and lemon juice to make it 500 ml.

Then take the Tagetes Lucida. Take both, leaves and blossoms. Dry and grind them and put the powder into a box to keep it dry and away from sunlight.

The use of Marihuna should be well known. But be sure it is sativa not indica!

Take from the Syrian-Rue essence 2-4 table spoons 1 hour before vaporizing the Lucida together with the Cannabis (vaporizing NOT smoking with tabaco!). Use 4 parts Tagetes Lucida and 1 part Mary Jane – as i said, not more than a pea size! The goal is not to get high, the goal is an easy flow of energy.

Don’t do this every day, cause Marihuana is building a tolerance. And the Syrian-Rue is also a MAO inhibitor, although 2-4 table spoons are too less to cause problems with its reversible MAO inhibition.

Hope all your questions are answered?

Yes, they are.

Thanks LUCAS for introducing yourself and keep on going with your beautiful work!

For readers in Germany and other countries where stupid laws and corrupt polititians make highly toxic drugs like alcohol, industrial tabaco and industrial sugar legal while keeping the natural plant cannabis illegal (with consideration for their friends in the food- and pharma industry):

Marihuana is illegal in most countries. Its possible to do the mixture without Marihuana, although the experience will be much milder. Put into the vaporizer some frankincense instead, that helps opening the upper chakras. Better than nothing.