Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Klarträumen

Kundalini Update II

No matter how I lay down, it hurt and the pain grew stronger. I soon had the feeling that my back was on fire. In the meantime it was 4 o’clock in the morning and sleep was out of the question. I got rid of all my clothes in my unheated bedroom and still didn’t freeze. When I put my hands on my chest, I quickly withdrew them, they seemed to burn my chest. Then I put them on my thighs – again the same thing. My hands had become little ray guns. I lay down on the cool laminate floor, which felt very good. As soon as I lay on my back, the burning subsided and a strong, yet soothing Kundalini wave shot through my body. It found its way directly into the Ajna chakra, which immediately triggered visions. Patterns, spirals, golden rain, very beautiful!