Kundalini Update II

On New Year’s night 2021, I received my 2nd Kundalini update.

I did, as every New Year’s night, a small ceremony, this year with Salsa music, which I accompanied drumming. Salsa rhythms are in my blood as a former professional conga player and I still love them. In addition, there was some steppe rue extract and in the vaporizer Tagetes Lucida from my terrace, with green incense from Oman. Then for the new year, a Yawanawa Rapé, fresh from the rainforest. Two days before the 31st, I had a Yawanawa shaman give me Kambo and bought the Rapé from him. A wonderful Rapé, which one notices its freshness!

The New Year’s Eve was relaxed and on a high energetic level, especially by making music. Only on New Year’s Eve I can still drum at midnight without anyone saying anything – of course I take advantage of that! Around 2 o’clock I went to sleep, at least I tried.

A pressure pain in the coccyx (Mulhadara chakra) appeared, which went down to the legs. I changed the sleeping position, but it didn’t help. On the contrary, the pressure pain turned into a pain that could be called nerve pain. Then the whole area around the tailbone started to burn. It became very hot! When I reached there to cool the area with the back of my hand, I was shocked at how hot it was. Then the same thing happened between the shoulders (Anahata chakra). First a pressure pain, which developed into a concrete pulling and stinging and finally into a fiery burning.

No matter how I lay down, it hurt and the pain grew stronger. I soon felt like my back was on fire. I had aspirin in the house, but didn’t dare take it because I wanted to follow the Kambo diet. No chemicals, no sugar, no alcohol, no sex – those are the diet rules. So I suffered internally burning away. By now it was 4 a.m. and sleep was out of the question. I got rid of all my clothes in my unheated bedroom and still didn’t freeze.

I was burning, how can you freeze?

When I put my hands on my chest, I quickly withdrew them, they seemed to burn my chest. Then I put them on my thighs – again the same thing. My hands had become little ray guns.

I had to sleep, I was totally tired. Since aspirin didn’t work, I took a larger amount of valerian, which at least gave me two hours of sleep. When I woke up, the pain was still there. The exercise during the day did me good, everything calmed down, but when I went to bed in the early evening, they were back.

I was burning again, from the root chakra up to the heart chakra – one burning column.

I asked the shaman’s wife, a friend of mine, if I could take aspirin. I was allowed. I took 1 tablet and the pain was gone quickly. Finally no more pain, finally sleep! I slept for six hours after all, then I woke up with pain. Especially the burning was very concrete. I got rid of my clothes and lay naked on the cool laminate floor, which felt very good.

As soon as I lay on my back, the burning subsided and a strong yet soothing kundalini wave shot through my body. It found its way directly into the Ajna chakra, which immediately triggered visions. Patterns, spirals, golden rain, very beautiful! The burning sensation in my spine was greatly alleviated by the Kundalini, and the nerve pain that was still present in parallel also lessened.

I was enveloped in a pleasant warming cloud of energy, which did not feel at all like the Kundalini usually feels. No feeling of electric currents, not the feeling of armies of ants rushing through the body!? Comfortable warmth in the abdomen and chest, simultaneous cooling in the burning back and immediate transition into a trance-like state. The Kundalini was my salvation. I released myself from the trance at some point, took another 1 Asirin to be on the safe side and lay down again.

I had hardly closed my eyes when the next Kundalini wave came. Again comfortable warmth, where it had to be warm and cooling, where it had to be cooled. What an intelligent spirit, the Kundalini! I immediately dozed off, which was very easy for me because of the trance that set in. I had very vivid dreams including a lucid dream where I was in India flying over gorgeous landscapes.

In the morning, unfortunately, the pain was back, although – fortunately – weaker than the nights before. My apartment is never very well heated, because I don’t like the stuffy heating air, moreover it is cold to the feet. Nevertheless, I walked around naked in almost the whole day without freezing. It felt totally good and I understood why Spirits don’t like clothes. I experience it again and again at the Ayahuasca that Spirits ask me to take off my shirt and t-shirt. In this ceremony, my guest Spirit did not like the socks. And he (she) was right – barefoot was much more comfortable.

The third night was coming. I didn’t take aspirin this time, so as not to have too much chemistry in my system before my third Kambo session, in four days. As soon as I lay down, the burning sensation that had been present all day as a kind of „background noise“ was back. A glowing fire.

My entire spine seemed to be on fire once again.

I moved back into the living room and lay down on the cool floor without any clothes. That did me good, but quickly became too hard. I switched to my beanbag chair, which was also cool. That helped. I noticed the burning subsided and decided to spend the night on the beanbag.

Before I went to sleep, I took a Muricie Rapé. It cooled me down and made my whole body vibrate gently. Every muscle was shaken through, like chills, except it wasn’t chills and I felt very good about it. Then I made myself comfortable naked, covered only with a summer blanket, in the cool bedroom, semi-recumbent on my beanbag. Again the Kundalini joined me and again so gently and soothingly that I quickly fell asleep.

The next morning the pain was gone. Neither nerve pain, nor burning. As if magicked away, as if they had never existed! I spent the entire day pain free until the evening when the fire in my back started again. Again I took off my sweater and shirt and immediately it stopped. I didn’t freeze and felt fine. I spent the night on the beanbag again, safe as houses, and slept completely through.

On the morning of January 4, I rolled my hips back and forth on the beanbag and then did some stretching exercises. This was very soothing and a beanbag is perfect for this, as its fine beads always adjust to the shape of your body while applying a slight pressure to your body. This way you can massage your whole back gently.

What was that? Did I have a slipped disc? Had I caught an infection that had only spread to my back? But then what was the burning sensation?

I know pinched back nerves very well, I’m a talented person in so-and-so, so the nerve pain seemed familiar. But I never had this burning before, except during this Ayahuasca ceremony where I got my 1st Kundalini update. So I think it was my 2nd kundalini update and the nerve pain was an overload on my system.

After all, how can a pinched nerve recover from one night to the next without residual pain or discomfort? And if it was an infection, it was a severe one. But how can a severe infection completely disappear from one day to the next?

I was in tip-top shape the morning of January 4, as if the previous three days had never happened!

I’ll have to see how the internal fire goes now. I’ll probably have to avoid stimulating foods, and as for ayahuasca, I’ll have to see if it proves productive or counterproductive in terms of kundalini. So far, kundalini and ayahuasca have always worked well together for me, yet I don’t want to overload my system.

I suspect that while the two Kambo sessions were not the cause of what I experienced, they were the trigger. It would have happened anyway, but Kambo accelerated the process.

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