Ayahuasca alone at home IV

This weekend I connected with Mother Aya again. I only took a 2/3 dose and still got a lot of information and also the visions were mild but clear in their message. This morning I woke up in strong kundalini and asked to be able to remember the information during this ayahuasca session.

I sit down and automatically write things down without thinking.

Dimensions are structures that build on each other. No higher dimension can exist without the ones below it. Each dimension is the framework for the next higher one. From the human perspective they are something external, because the human being as a being of the third dimension is located very far down in the multidimensional structure. But this concerns only his body. His soul is a higher dimensional light that is pure consciousness. When you travel other dimensions, that is, on a spiritual level, from the soul’s point of view it is a journey inward, from the human ego’s point of view it is a journey outward, from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is as far as the ego can travel.

The soul does not travel, it is already everywhere, it is an image of God.

The universe is part of a fractal. There are infinitely many fractals and therefore infinitely many universes. As in the small, so in the big, as in the inside, so in the outside. Each fractal contains the information of all preceding fractals, thus each universe is a hologram. If you consider a fractal, it becomes clear that the highest dimensions are the innermost fractals. They contain all the information of the outer fractals that grow out of them. The primordial fractal is God. The Big Bang was the birth of a new fractal, which in turn created fractals. These fractals/universes are consciousnesses. Every consciousness is a soul, so every universe is a soul, every soul is a universe. Thus, every soul is its own god in relation to its own fractal/universe, without being god, because that is the original fractal.

Fractals and recursion
You know recursion, a mathematical method to solve complex problems? At the beginning there is the problem that has to be solved. Then a termination condition is determined. If I want to find the shortest way out of a maze, then the termination condition, is the shortest way. Each calculation unit calls a copy of itself, gives this copy all the necessary information and its individual solution. The copy in turn calculates a path and if it is shorter than the one given to it, then the copy creates another copy and gives the information about the shorter path. At some point, no shorter path can be found and the copy returns this information to the calculation unit that created the copy. The latter in turn informs its calling calculation unit that the path has been found. Gradually all calculation units/recursions finish their work, because the shortest way was found.

The world works on the principle of the recursion.

Only what is the termination condition? Which task has God given to the world to solve? There must be a termination condition, a goal, a reason why the world exists. And what if the termination condition is fulfilled, the solution is found. Does everything then cease to exist, including God? But maybe there is no termination condition after all?

Maybe God started a recursion, which should find the most beautiful blue flowers in a field of yellow flowers? Then we have the eternity.

You remember your dream where you were in the consciousness of a spider and stopped time. Do you remember the feeling of eternity? As beautiful as eternity felt to you, you missed your friends at some point, life. You need the other fractals, the other universes, the other souls.

Eternity is not for humans, it is only for light beings and deities.

Contact with beings of higher dimensions
Matter vibrates, so also every molecule of your body. There is the basic vibration and there are harmonics. If you want to establish contact with the higher instances of your inner universe, you have to increase your basic vibration, thereby the harmonics are also increased and you can get into contact with higher vibrating entities. When you take tumbleweed, or cannabis, you raise your fundamental vibration, and with DMT you raise the harmonics.

With ayahuasca, which contains the components of tumbleweed and additional DMT, you increase the frequency of your basic vibration on the one hand and additionally you amplify the harmonics.

When you meditate, you do the same, only slower. And only when your body is cleansed and your pineal gland has its full power, you can reach the dimensions with meditation that you reach with ayahuasca, because only an intact pineal gland can produce enough DMT to sufficiently amplify the harmonics. The harmonics are the key and the higher your fundamental vibration is, the higher the harmonics will be. When your fundamental reaches the frequency of the harmonics, you become part of the higher dimensions. Your body still exists, but you no longer perceive it. You are then astral, one with one of the higher dimensions.

Universes and fractals
Every human being is his own universe and creates individual conditions which are valid in his universe. If you meet another person, then you meet another universe, another fractal. The other person is the creator of his universe, his fractal, you are the creator of yours. If you have things in common, then things, conditions, circumstances exist in your two universes that seem identical. Seem because you have to do it only with a „copy“. Each universe is the copy of another, but with individual conditions. If you have opposites, then your recursion has produced a different result than his. Nevertheless, parts of the result tree can be identical.

All identical results form the collective consciousness, all deviating from it the individual ones. If more and more fractals, recursions, universes follow one of the preceding individual consciousnesses, this individual consciousness becomes the mother of a new collective consciousness.

Duality is the motivation that keeps the recursion going. The level of darkness is the edge of every fractal and at the same time the origin of a new fractal. Everything new arises from the darkness. If a soul expires, for whatever reason, then the recursion stops at one point. A soul can go out either because it has changed completely into dark energy, thus has become one with the edge of its origin fractal, or it can go out because its personal recursion has reached the result. It then runs back down the event tree and becomes either one with God, or one with one of the higher light beings, depending on what it has come from. It may well be that the origin of a soul is not directly God, but a light being, an angel or a deity. Incarnated angels are real, incarnated deities as well.

The soul plan
Each recursion stage, that is, each unit of calculation, builds on the result of the previous unit of calculation. Therefore, each recursion stage has its own termination condition. This termination condition is the meaning of life, the existence of each soul. If this termination condition is fulfilled, the sense of being, it returns to God. It has followed and fulfilled its soul plan.

Also the souls who have become one with the fractal edges, who have chosen the dark way, return to their origin at some point. Their way is the longer one, because it is finished only when the termination condition of the origin soul, the origin fractal is reached. In the Bible, this is called eternal damnation. But there is no eternal damnation, only a longer and a shorter way. Some souls consciously choose the longer path because they need the experience of the dark side of duality. Someone has to make the edge, simply put.

Creator of your own universe
Become aware of your creative power, because you are the creator of your own universe, your own fractal, the root of your own recursion tree. Let others have their universe and their termination condition. Create abundance and flourishing branches in your own house, your own tree. Do you want light in your universe, then draw the curtains, let the light in. Do you love it dark, then let them close.

It is not worse or better to walk the path of light or the path of darkness. They are completely equal paths and each soul decides for itself which path is the right one for it.

As your fractal, your universe (your soul) grows further fractals, your origin soul, which can be God, or a soul of a higher dimension, grows copies of yourself, thus parallel universes with parallel copies of your soul, which in turn are parallel copies of your origin soul and in the end, at the root of the recursion, a copy of God.

So what is the meaning of duality?
Life, the world, is like a tree. The root is God, the bark is the fractal edge The saps are the kundalini, the leaves are the young souls and the branches are the older souls. A tree is a dual being and only in this way can it exist. Take away its bark and it dies. Take away its leaves and it will either die or grow new leaves and branches out of the darkness (the bark). We need the dark as the tree needs the bark. Without duality there is no life. The abolition of duality means becoming one with the Source, the origin of all origins, that is, becoming one with God. The recursion, also has tree structure.

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