Dragon wedding – Dream report

It is exactly 1 o’clock in the morning and I wake up from a dream that was not just a dream. It was a tripp, a thunderclap, an encounter with a dragon, a demon – I don’t know. I haven’t experienced anything like that, neither in my sleep, nor on my many ayahuasca excursions.

The dragon wedding
My younger brother, a friend and I are on our way to a play. We are still teenagers, or shall we say very young adults. We are passing an overgrown grassy area when a loud, metallic sound is heard above us. It sounds like a large sheet of metal being shaken and making a loud ZONG. I am startled. My brother knows where the noise comes from and says to me, „yes, I still often get scared when I hear it“ and looks up in awe. Now I also look up and see a large, black flying creature at the height of the clouds. It looks like a flying ray with a dragon’s tail and every beat of its wings makes ZONG, though not as loud as the moment I was startled. I am fascinated and do not take my eyes off him.

My brother explains to me that this dragon has an incredibly strong energy and he normally does not approach humans. But he has something with him, with which one can attract him. You have to take it, but there is also a risk. The dragon should not come too close to you, its energy could burn you. He asks me if I would be willing to try it? I agree. Then I get precise instructions on what to do so that I don’t run the risk of being pulverized by the dragon’s energy. The remedy will work very quickly, my brother explains to me. Then the dragon will come shooting down. You will feel it coming closer and closer, and you will hear it.

If we call out to you that you should roll to the side, you must immediately roll to the side, that is vital! Under no circumstances should the dragon come too close to me, or even hit me!

I assure to have understood everything and make myself ready. I lie down on the back and get a tasteless substance on the tongue crumbled, which dissolves fast. At the same moment I fall into a trance. It suddenly becomes bright in my head and a buzzing starts. Now I expect the dragon.

I hear an increasingly loud, metallic thunder and clearly feel the rising energy. I am excited. It’s a feeling unlike anything I’ve experienced before, a very strong energy that takes me over more and more. From the noise of its wing beats, the dragon now seems to be only a few feet above me. I hear my brother and the friend shouting, NOW! PUSH ASIDE!!!

I try to turn to the side, but I can’t. I try again, but it doesn’t work. The energy is extremely strong by now and I can’t feel my body. Then the dragon slams into me with a thunderclap. I become completely pulverized and one with the universe. I look into a huge red spiral nebula and at the same time I am the spiral nebula. Then I become countless suns and am these suns at the same time. The energy is incredibly strong and at the same time incredibly beautiful. Suddenly everything ends as quickly as it began. The dragon flies away and leaves me distraught.

Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Klarträumen

When I open my eyes, I see my two companions from tired slits. „Why didn’t you roll to the side?“ scolds my brother, with a worried face. „I couldn’t, I was paralyzed“. Then they help me up and ask if I’m okay? I say yes, everything great, it was the most extreme thing I have ever experienced! He repeats that it is very dangerous to become one with the dragon, but when you get through it, it is supposed to be the most extreme thing you can experience as a human being. Then I summarize my experience:

The dragon showed me that he is the universe and let me be him for a moment!

In the theater
Then we go to the theater. It is not a theater in the classical sense, but a large hall. The play is supposed to be about the power of dragons. On the way to my seat I meet an ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend. I am happy to see him again because I think he is nice, but I am not happy about her. She is a narcissist to the core. She reaches for my hand with a sad look, but I don’t return the gesture and let hers slide into the void. Then I fight my way through the masses, pushing people aside with implied swimming motions. Arrived at my place, I watch the spectacle, it has already begun. Numerous children, equipped with colorful illuminated LEDs, are playing a play in a huge, dark hall. This play also has something of a tripp. One particularly conspicuously illuminated child plays a dragon and the others the village, which runs excitedly in view of the dragon.

Suddenly, the friend taps me on the shoulder. Do I still have the Steam my brother gave me? I answer, no, my brother must have it. Now the friend completely freaks out and yells at me. I have to have that, I can’t lose that under any circumstances if it gets into the wrong hands! I get up and push him out of the hall, into a kind of fourier. Again, there are people everywhere too, but I don’t care. I’m pissed off and hiss at him, if he’s still in his right mind, to perform such a monkey dance, because of some drugs! I don’t have the Steam, or whatever it’s called. Then I reach into my jacket pocket to prove it to him and I have it in my hand!? I am completely flabbergasted and see that I have my brother’s jacket on. I give the friend the „Steam“ and apologize „I didn’t know that I accidentally put on my brother’s jacket“.

No sooner am I back in my seat than I am sprayed with water by my seat neighbor. All visitors to the theater are now spraying each other with water from atomizers they’ve brought with them. It is a kind of experience theater, I realize. The audience picks up parts of the played scenes and actively participates in them. The children in the hall are running wildly at this very moment because it has started to rain in the play. After the rain, everyone in the play comes together and sits down at a big table to eat together, which encourages the audience to eat in turn. This becomes too silly for me and I leave the theater without the others.

On the walk home, a sharp, electric pain runs through my left shoulder. I stop and feel inside myself. I seem to feel fine. Nevertheless, I slow down my walking pace and decide to lie down at home. Then I wake up.

I feel inside again and feel neither any pain nor any kind of discomfort. Instead, a clear but not too strong Kundalini filling my whole body. Every quantum of my energy body is in motion and I hear a fine, soothing vibration. Usually I enjoy this for a while, but this time I stand up. I want to see if everything is really all right with me, but I can’t discover anything to worry about. To be on the safe side, I take a potassium-magnesium supplement and drink a large glass of water. Then I wait for the energy to subside, the kundalini.

While I wait, I write down the dream.

No idea what that was. A dream? A trip? A trip to a parallel life? The energy was not Kundalini and it was not the energy I always experience during Ayahuasca. It was totally different and yet very strong. It had something magnetic. It was as if a big magnet was hovering over me, first pushing me to the ground and then atomizing me. Since I do not know what there had rushed down on me to become one with the universe, I smoke myself with Palo-Santo wood, that drives away possible demons. The cat flees. She hates the smell. I love it 🙂

The following dream was also interesting. I met a magician, at least she was introduced to me as such. She wore a long, black dress, which was decorated with sequins. Her dark hair was tied into a knot and was held by a red cloth, also decorated with sequins. She came up to me without a word, gave me a kiss and left. While kissing, she left something in my mouth – a black tourmaline. Tourmaline is a protective stone!

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