My personal numerology

What my personal numbers are telling

The cross sum of my birthdate is 7
The cross sum of my birthtime is also 7 (13:30)
My birthday ist 17th
My birthmonth is 11th
The cross sum of my birthday is 8
I am the 8th child

Meaning of number 7 (my life path number)
Generally: Exploring the mysteries of life gives the 7 path its purpose.


  • When the number 7 is involved, we are taken on a great quest for answers and truth.
  • The number 7 is both deep and wise.
  • 7 knows that the real gold is buried deeper and won’t stop until it finds it … and then it’ll keep digging for more.
  • Asking questions, researching, listening, and sensing are all special skills the 7 uses in its search for awareness.
  • 7 is an analytical number that enjoys gathering and filtering through information to find answers.
  • The combination of conscious and subconscious thinking allows the mind of the Numerology number 7 to shine a light into the very deepest realms to access hidden truths.
  • The 7’s understanding that there is always something deeper, something more we can’t see, instills in it a great sense of spirituality.
  • While it is driven to take in all the data it can, 7th real strength lies in sorting through what it finds.

Meaning of number 8
Generally: Ambitious, karmic, enduring


  • The meaning of the numer 8 center around hard work, success, and karmic balance.
  • In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered the luckiest number of all, and is purposefully worked into wedding dates, birth dates, addresses, and finances.
  • 8 is on a mission to reach as many goals and garner as much success as possible.
  • In a spiritual sense, the number 8 is all about giving back.
  • 8 balances achievement with gratitude, which can then be rebalanced with more achievement
  • 8 is willing to go through struggle because it has no doubt that prosperity is on the other side.

Meaning of number 11 (very powerfull Masternumber)
Generally: Enlightened, receptive, charismatic


  • The number 11 is at one with the universe, its the bringer of spiritual awareness and a devout supporter of humankind.
  • The most remarkable characteristic of the Master Number 11 is its connection to a higher source of wisdom.
  • 11 is intuitive to the point of being psychic, channeling its knowledge and meaning from a spiritual source.
  • 11 carries many of the same traits as the number 2, such as harmony, empathy, and sensitivity, but it feels them and utilizes them in much deeper, more profound ways.
  • 11 is a channel for truth and answers to reach us and help us on our way.
  • The Master Number 11th vision is crystal clear and it sees with a breadth that others cannot.
  • To be born with a Life Path Number 11 is a genuine blessing, yet it may take many years before these people are able to understand the power of their gifts.
  • People with a Life Path 11 tend to be very connected to spirituality, in whatever way that means to them.
  • When they are able to turn all the knowledge they’ve acquired into meaningful support that can help others, then they have reached their masterly potential.
  • Through acknowledging their purpose and being open to learning during times of difficulty, these people can attain tremendous spiritual heights.

Meaning of number 17:
Generally: 17 is one of the most powerful numbers with great influence in an individual’s life.


  • You are lucky if number 17 is your life path number as it is a number that brings good fortune.
  • Your birth number is 17 if you were born on the 17th of any month and you share the vibrational essence associated with the number 8 (s.a.)
  • Number 17’s root, 8 is the number of mastery over the material world, such as business and financial success.
  • The number 17 represents energy that is efficient and an effective manager.
  • The number 17 is independent and self-determined. It will include others in research and planning. But it makes its own decisions and takes responsibility for them.
  • Independence is one of the most important meanings of number 17 in numerology.
  • Introspection is another aspect of number 17. The decisions it makes are well thought through.
  • The 17 essence is also an explorer, delving into new subjects and frequently considering new ways of doing things.
  • People with birthnumber 17 think logistically and are able to imagine potential problems and solutions before they arise.
  • People with birthnumber 17 should know that they are in a life journey to their spiritual discovery.
  • Number 17 does not compel you to leave your current profession to join the business or spiritual careers. This number shows you the best career paths that the universe set for you.

My human design, depending on my birthdate, time and location is GENERATOR. I’m generating prana, my main active chakra is the sacral chakra (expressing sexual- and kundalini power).

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